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Systemic Talk Effortless Entrepreneur Martijn Meima

Systemic Talk About The Effortless Entrepreneur

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In my book The Effortless Entrepreneur, I describe how to use the power of the undercurrent. Divided into 6 so-called success accelerators, I describe a systemic, intuitive, and holistic approach to doing business.

During one of the Systemic Talks, organized by Wouter Gheysen from Systemic Shifts, I share the insights from the book and give some practical tools to become an effortless entrepreneur. You can watch the recording of this Systemic Talk and apply the effortless entrepreneur approach to your business.
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I organize online and in-person trainings in which you can learn how to become an intuitive, effortless entrepreneur.
Right now, I have dates planned for a training in Bucharest and one in Sofia. Have a look at the events to see the possibilities.

Reach your goals step by step

Everything In Life Is Temporary – Live Life Step By Step

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The beautiful thing about life and about doing business is that everything is temporary. Too often we think that decisions we take or choices we make will be made forever. This causes us too really think and deliberate a lot before making a choice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t urge you to not think and just randomly take decisions, but we can loosen up a little and go with the flow of (business) life.

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