The Effortless Entrepreneur

Success is the result of what is happening in the undercurrent of your company. This undercurrent is not visible, it determines the possibilities in the surface current. This book tells you how it works and how you can influence this process.  Wishy washy? Not in my book.

In 6 clear themes I tell you what is happening in the undercurrent and how you can use the leverage in this undercurrent to create the success that you envision for your company. My years of experience as an entrepreneur, coach, and trainer show in the examples, tips, and practical exercises. This way you can easily apply the knowledge about the undercurrent in your business. The book is written in my own personal style, easy to read and down to earth.

Every reader will benefit from the book, even when you are already familiar with the undercurrent. The book contains 20 practical do-it-yourself exercises which help you to apply the theory to your business.


NOTE: The paperback version of my book will be available on September 7th. That’s when you can order it by clicking on one of the button below.

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Martijn Meima’s book is inspiring, easy to read, and a practical handbook for every entrepreneur that wants to go beyond the traditional management theories and growth programs

Marnix GeusSocial entrepreneur

Six Success Accelerators

Sometimes success comes naturally and sometimes it is hard to find. This doesn’t have anything to do with your product, your marketing strategy, or your business plan. It is all caused by the undercurrent in your company. Although this undercurrent is not visible, it determines the possibilities available to you in the surface current. Wishy washy? Not in this book. The themes that I cover in this book are important for every entrepreneur.
You will probably focus on themes like ‘money’ or ‘customers’ on a regular basis. But have you explored themes like ‘money’ or ‘time’ in the undercurrent? That is what makes this book unique. The book starts with the theme ‘personal’; who are you as an entrepreneur? ‘Surrendering’ will place your company in a larger perspective.
In this book I merge various movements and theories which I have investigated in the past years, like NLP, Buddhism, non-duality, energy work, voice dialogue, visualization, Sedona method, leadership embodiment, professional intuition training and the narrative approach. My biggest passion is still working with constellations and the systemic approach. That will be clear when you read the book.

In his own manner, Martijn gives an overview of some of the key principles and a method to learn to listen to them. Learning through pain is the hard way. Read this book instead and take advantage of it.

Jan BommerezDutch best selling author

Practical book with lots of examples and exercises

People know me as a practical man and in my workshops and trainings you will always experience and do something. Also now, while writing this book, I had to add many examples from my own and my client’s experience. This way you can link the information in the book to your daily life as an entrepreneur. More than that, I have included many practical exercises. In this sense it has become a self-help book for the intuitive entrepreneur. In clear step-by-step instructions, I guide you, for example, through a do-it-yourself business constellation to connect with your potential customers in the undercurrent. There are also some energetic exercises and visualizations.
I would say, jokingly, this book is a very cheap workshop. Take advantage of it!

“The Effortless Entrepreneur” is clearly and consistently written and takes you on a journey through the undercurrent of your company across six themes. You get practical and energetical tips to refine your intuition and are encouraged to experiment with it. The book is loaded with systemic exercises to do for yourself (for example constellations with floor markers). The coming days, I will surely do some of those. It has already caused me to stop a (dormant) service of mine and remove it from my website to create space for something new.

Leanne SteeghsTrainer, coach, author

Entrepreneurship is about more than rational thinking and acting. This book is highly recommended for those who want to explore this ‘more’. Because of his focus on the undercurrent, this book is not traditional management literature. You won’t find to-do lists or inspiring success stories for you to copy. Martijn invites you to journey inside instead.

Sylvie van der HaarCoach, trainer

Extra bonuses

Because a book is a static thing and because this is just the start of your intuitive journey, I have added some extras for you:

  • Free access to the online environment in which you can access all the exercises from the book
  • I have added some extra information regarding the 6 success accelerators
  • Interesting discounts on my services

This way you will make a nice return on your investment in this book! It doesn’t matter if you by the paperback version or the e-book. Both contain the discount code to access your bonuses.


NOTE: The paperback version of my book will be available on September 7th. That’s when you can order it by clicking on one of the button below.