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Webinar The Intuitive Marketer

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What if…

  • There was an easy way to attract more clients?
  • You could generate more revenue without having to read any more books?
  • The information you need to change your business for the better was closer than you think?

Would that be worth an hour of your time?
In this webinar Martijn Meima will introduce you to a modern marketing approach. Instead of using our rational minds, market research and old school marketing theories, we will explore an intuitive approach to marketing. Business Intuition can help you to develop a powerful marketing strategy that is uniquely your own. And it’s fun too!

Topics we will cover

  • What Is Intuitive Marketing?
  • How Does Your Intuition Work And How To Use It In Your Business
  • Introduction To Intuitive Marketing Techniques
  • A Concrete Exercise To Get Intuitive Marketing Information
  • Insights From 10 Years Intuitive Marketing
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