Master This Magical Management Craft in the Training Facilitating Business Constellations

Are you a (business) coach, consultant or (HR) manager who

  • wants to learn how to use business constellations
  • wants to learn a methodology that reveals the root cause of complex problems
  • is ready for the next step in his or her professional development
  • wants to learn practical forms of constellations he or she can use right away?

Then this 5-day training is made for you.

During this 5-day Training Business Constellations, you will learn the basics of facilitating simple constellations in a business context. Besides the basic rules and forces of a business system, you will learn the basic stance of a facilitator and possible systemic interventions. Moreover, you will also learn to improve and trust your intuition.

Develop your intuition and facilitating skills

Why business constellations?

Business constellations are a powerful way of finding the root cause of complex and repeating problems in individuals, teams, and organizations. It is a 3D mapping technique in which you use the collective intelligence available in every organization. By using representatives for the different stakeholders, influencers, functions, inner parts, or for example different strategy options, you can access information that is normally hidden and not available. By placing these representative in a room, you will be able to see the dynamics and hidden connections that are influencing the issue.

Because it is an embodied experience for everyone participating, a business constellation creates a deep understanding and knowledge of what is needed to change. It also frees up potential and energy to take the steps that are needed.

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What are we going to do in the training Facilitating Business Constellations

The training will focus on the following topics:

  • The general theory about systems and systemic thinking
  • General lessons and insights about people and organizations from a systemic point of view
  • The basic principles of business constellations
  • Developing a radar for the organizing forces of systems
  • The basic inner stance of a facilitator
  • Exploring your intuition
  • Learning how to set up a constellation
  • Practicing basic constellation formats
  • Working in groups and 1-on-1 with floor markers or table top constellations
  • Looking at your own system and creating more freedom
  • Using your intuition in facilitating constellations
  • Practicing facilitating constellations
  • Different uses of constellations and when they are appropriate
During one of the days we will invite a manager who will bring in a real case. This way you get to experience how it is to work with a manager from a larger company.
After the training you have the freedom to contact me by email with your questions and cases.
A webinar will be organized after 6 weeks. During this webinar, you can ask any questions that arise during your initial experiences with facilitating constellations. I will also explain more about the do’s and don’ts of facilitating constellations.

Practice a Lot. Use Your Intuition. Develop Your Own Facilitating Style.

What are the results?

After this training, you will have:

  • Training-Facilitating-Business-Constellations-table-topLearned the basic principles of constellations
  • Learned how to set up and facilitate basisc constellations with floor markers, stand ins and table top figurines
  • Learned various formats of constellations, both 1-on-1 and in groups
  • Developed your intuition and know how to use it
  • Explored your own background and created more freedom in facilitating
  • Learned when and how to use constellations in a business context
  • Gained answers to your own (business) questions as well as energy to take the necessary steps.
  • Practiced a great deal with various kind of constellations and gained feedback on your facilitation

Why should I join THIS training?

There are a few aspects in which this training is different from other business constellation trainings:

There’s a Lot Of Practicing

I believe that the best way to master this craft is by doing it. That is why you will start facilitatig your own constellation on day one!

Global Attendance Service

My wish is for as many people as possible to be able to learn this wonderful craft. Therefore I have developed a Global Attendance Service, meaning that you should be able to join, no matter the GDP of your country or your personal financial situation. Contact me for more information.

You Will Learn an Intuitive Approach

Part of the training is exploring your intuition and learning how to use it. This way you will develop your own style and not learn a fixed way of facilitating.

It’s Short And Powerful

Because I trust you to have done some personal development, the training will mainly focus on facilitating constellations and just a little bit on personal development. This will make it intense and you will learn a lot in a short time.

We’ll Work With Real Life Cases From Larger Companies

Because the participants are mostly self employed consultants and coaches, the cases usually are related to these small businesses and about personal issues. That is why I always try to find at least one manager from a larger companies to join for half a day. We will work with his or her cases, which gives you the opportunity to experience or even facilitate a constellation for a larger company.

Free workshop

You get the online workshop “Discover the Power of Business Constellations” for free (or the recording).

A Training Tailored to Your Needs


The training will comprise  5 consecutive days so that you only have to travel once. At the same time, this will intensify the experience and deepen the learning process.

I have also added a hybrid training that consists of 3 online modules and 3 in-person training days. First, you will learn the basics in 2 online modules. Then you will dive deeper and learn how to work with people as representatives in the in-person part. Finally, you will have a chance for questions, more practicing, and deepen your skills during the final online module.

See the table below for a training that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please check the FAQ-page for more information on this training.

If after reading the FAQ you still have questions, please contact me. I love to help you. Either by mail, by phone or Skype.

Number of participants for Pittsboro

Minimum: 8
Maximum: 16
Current number of participants: 3

Your city


When you want it
  • Training for 5 days
  • Including drinks and snack
  • Excluding lunches
  • Live Q&A Zoom call after 8 weeks
  • Access to online library
  • 1 year Email support
  • Language: English
  • Payment in installments possible (5% extra)
  • Free workshop “Discover the power of business constellations” or the recording
  • Certificate
  • Contact me to talk about the possibilities

Pittsboro, NC, United StatesFirst time in the USA!


June 19-23 2023
  • Local contact person: Traci Philips
  • Training for 5 days
  • Excluding drinks and lunches
  • Live Q&A Zoom call after 8 weeks
  • Access to online library
  • Language: English
  • Payment in installments possible (5% extra)
  • Free workshop “Discover the power of business constellations” or the recording
  • Certificate
  • NOTE: Please let me know if you are interested to join this training before March 15. That’s when we have to make a commitment for the venue.



September 2023
  • Local contact person: Janine Lytham
  • Training for 5 days
  • Excluding drinks and lunches
  • Live Q&A Zoom call after 8 weeks
  • Access to online library
  • Language: English
  • Free workshop “Discover the power of business constellations” or the recording
  • Certificate

How Can I Decide If This Is The Right Training Facilitating Business Constellations For Me?

Well, you will not be surprised that I tell you to use your intuition. Our rational mind has difficulties weighing all the different factors and deciding what is good for you now. Your intuition will help you.
That’s why I have put an exercice on my website in which you use your intuition to decide. It even uses a constellation work form! You can use it to find out if this is the right training for you at this moment. I strongly recommend you to do this exercise and let me know what it has told you.

You can also ask for a Zoom call with me, so I can answer your questions. Just contact me and we will arrange the call.

You can also watch the recording of the webinar The Art Of Facilitating Business Constellations in which I explain more about this powerful tool and about the training. I also have a special bonus for you at the end of the webinar. You will find the recording at the bottom of this page.

Registering and showing interest

You register by filling out this form. After your registration, you will receive information from me on how to pay either the downpayment of € 250 (up ‘to 3 months before the training) or the full amount (within 3 months of the start of the training)
By registering you agree to the general terms and conditions of Business Intuition.

If you are not sure yet, please tick the box saying “Contact me for an intake interview” and I will contact you first to see if this is the proper training for you.

NOTE: For the training in Pittsboro I have a deadline of March 15. Please, if you are interested, fill out the form below and let me know that you are joining or thinking of joining.

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