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Martijn Meima, business constellations and business intuition expert

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  • It makes taking decisions easier

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  • You will connect with your intuition and know how to use it

  • You will get access to an inexhaustable source of business information

  • The tools are very practical and down to earth.

  • You will create success for yourself, your business, your clients and the planet

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Discover The Power Of Using Intuition In Your Business

These times of continuous change and complexity require something else than research and analysis. You need something else to keep your business on track. Intuition and intuitive tools help you to act quickly and effectively.

But what tools to use?

My name is Martijn Meima and I am business intuition expert in the Netherlands. I have a major in Management & Organization from the University of Groningen. During my whole career I have been interested in what makes businesses more or less successful.

What I found is that all the models and theories I had learned in school did not explain why a business was either succesful or not. There are other factors that influence business success much more.

During my personal and professional development in psychology, spirituality, energy, systemic wisdom and non duality, I found that there is an invisible and intangible, intuitive field that most people ignore. This field has a major impact on your business and personal life. Connecting to this field is essential to being successful with less effort.

That is why I have been looking for tools that include this intuitive field or layer in doing business. Tools that helped me discover insights and unlock potential that my rational mind could not provide. Intuition and intuitive tools help you to connect with this magical field and be far more successful in a way that really suits you. I have found out that there is no one way that works for every company.

One size fits nobody!

Personal business coach
Martijn Meima

Successful With Ease In Your Own Unique Way

I can’t give you your key to success. These three tools do support you in finding your own key to success. This way doing business and being succesful will feel comfortable. Work will not feel like work anymore.

How Does It Work?

When you subscribe to these three tools, you will receive an email about one tool every other day.

The mail will contain:

  • General information about the tool
  • Link to meditation, blog or other sources of information
  • Step by step explanation
  • Assignment to apply the tool in your (business) life

You can share your experiences and questions with me via email.

Afterwards I will send you interesting information about workshops, websites, articles or events that are related to business intuition.

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