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  • Combining Business and Intuition
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  • Focusing on Business and Person
  • Energetic and Deepening
  • Flexible and Intuitively Aligned
  • Holistic Approach to Results
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I needed a training that was both suited to the corporate environment where I operate (i.e. not esoteric) and still human and soulful ; and that’s just what Martijn’s training has been for me.

Pierre Goirand, facilitator of transformations, France

The business constellation made me aware of the personal side of doing business for myself and my colleagues. It reveals the essentials in my work and my life.

Ronald Wieggers, Delta Architects, The Netherlands

What surprised me was that Martijn was so clear and simple in his explanation and work with the group. That simplicity and clarity was not substituted for quality. Rather the opposite - very supportive and empowering context to learn, explore, play and practice.

Tihomir Georgiev, Bulgaria

Martijn put everyone not only at ease, but also in a highly curious state. His skillful facilitation of constellations led to some of the most profound and moving moments in our days together. People kept talking about the depth of the insights they got not only about themselves but also about the systems in which they work.

Ken Homer, USA

I would recommend you working with Martijn in any capacity you can. He opens doors you did not know existed and supports your journey to becoming a better human being that makes better choices for self and others by making intuition part of your toolbox.

Natalia Blagoeva, Eudaimonia Solutions, Bulgaria

Martijn is Interviewed about Business Constellations

In this video I am interviewed by Bloomberg Television in Bulgaria.
After the first 20 seconds the video is in English. Just listen carefully, since it is dubbed in Bulgarian.

With his input for the Conference, Martijn contributed greatly with his sessions on Systemic Constellations. Via this techniques, we gained a valuable feedback for the entire conglomerate of factors and hidden forces at play in Bulgaria that we analyzed in all other fields of the Conference.

Konstantin Yordanov

His Intuition enables Martijn to prepare and lead complex development of processes, making clear that there borders of the game are open and fluent.

Simeon Ries

Martijn provides for a safe space and atmosphere. He is very practical in his approach which I really like.

Esther Boer

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