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Training Facilitating Business Constellations

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Master This Magical Management Craft

This practical training will teach you the basics of business constellations. You will learn the basic stance and principles of this powerful method. You will learn to use it in a group and in a 1-on-1 setting.

Are you a (business) coach, consultant or (HR) manager who

  • wants to learn how to use business constellations
  • wants to learn a methodology that reveals the root cause of complex problems
  • is ready for the next step in his or her professional development
  • wants to learn practical forms of constellations he or she can use right away?

Then this 5-day training is made for you.

During this 5-day Training Business Constellations, you will learn the basics of facilitating simple constellations in a business environment. Besides the basic rules and forces of a business system, you will learn the basic stance and interventions required from you as a facilitator.

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Everything You Need to Know about Facilitating Business Constellations

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Business constellations are a very powerful new management tool. They reveal the deeper layers in organizations and show us what is really needed to make significant changes. They also provide us with intuitive information that goes beyond knowing with our mind. Using business constellations can really add a lot to your usual management and consultant skills.

In this webinar I will tell you more about this powerful and intuitive tool. In an exercise I will let you experience the true force of it. Besided that I will answer questions and tell you more about the 5-day training I will give in Paris end of November.

It is totally free and if you sign up you also get a link to the recording as soon as it is available.

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