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Becoming a better business constellations facilitator

Are you a business constellation facilitator who

  • would like to learn more about the different aspects of facilitating?
  • would like to explore related areas of expertise?
  • is ready to develop yourself as an instrument?
  • wants to broaden your skill set?
  • wants to learn from masters with over 10 years of experience?

Then these business constellation masterclasses are made for you!

Together with 4 other experienced trainers, I have given 9 online masterclasses. We have decided to make the recordings available for you and other coaches, trainers, and facilitators of (business) constellations. This way you can still benefit from the knowledge, and experience that we have shared.

Some masterclasses are only suitable for facilitators who have had some training in facilitating business or family constellations. Others are open to everyone. You can see the prerequisite in the description of the masterclass. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The First Essential Steps

Trainer: Martijn Meima
Prerequisite: Basic training in constellations

The first phase of a constellation process is very important. This is where you create the safe space to let the constellation unfold. By selecting the elements you also decide what fields to open and what not. It gives a direction to the constellation. These steps also determine the willingness of your client(s) to surrender to the process.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to improve these first steps. The masterclass focuses on the interview with the client and choosing the right question and elements to work with. It will also shine a light on the preparation and getting people in ‘the mood’ for a constellation.
You will learn what options you have and how to choose which one to follow. You will get some practical background information from my own experience.

  • You know how to get your clients ready for a constellation
  • You will work with the most relevant question
  • You will choose the appropriate elements

This is included

  • Recording (1 hour 26 mins)
  • 3 inspirational videos about supporting others
  • 3 warm-up exercises
  • 1 document and 1 video about pure intuition
  • 1 document about 3 places from which you can facilitate
  • 1 constellation format to prepare a constellation with your client(s)
  • 1 meditation to connect to your intuition

Finding The Empty Center

Trainer: Martijn Meima
Prerequisite: none

The empty center is the silent place inside of you from which you can be there for others without bringing in too much of your own systemic ‘mess’. It is a place from which you can tap into your pure intuition and find the interventions that really make a difference. In this masterclass, Martijn will help you find and enlarge this empty center.

The masterclass will help you to look at yourself, explore your patterns and let go of some patterns. We will work with constellations and also with release techniques and meditation. This way you will be able to create a state of being in which you can allow everything to be. You will practice facilitating using this empty center.

  • You have connected to your empty center
  • You have created more silence and stillness inside
  • You are more aware of your own patterns

This is included

  • 2 Recordings (about 1 hour and 45 mins each)
  • 3 inspirational videos about supporting others
  • 1 short video about the inner stance of a systemic coach
  • 1 meditation to connect with your intuition
  • 1 document “An Introduction to Intuition”
  • steps to get to the empty center

Boost Your Sensing Skills

Trainer: Demian Burgenik
Prerequisite: none

Observing is an important skill when guiding others as a coach, trainer, manager or in another role.

In this masterclass you will enrich the way you sense and observe. You will sharpen your five senses to observe what you normally will miss. Demian will also explain and let you experience how to sense beyond matter, sense the field, the energy. You will then use this information to create interventions that are spot on.

  • You know more about narrative constellations
  • You have learned to use the narrative scheme
  • You have learned more about archetypes

This is included

  • 1 Recording (1 hour and 46 mins)


Trainer: Daisy Da Veiga
Prerequisite: none

There is no such thing as coincidence, everything is connected to one another. This awareness brings such wisdom, ease and trust in guiding others.

Learning to understand and work with the power of synchronicity allows you to coach or guide your team or clients more profoundly. It also helps you with decision making for your personal and professional leadership. Its called Magic Leadership and it brings a joyful perspective to ‘the random stuff’ that happens.

  • What is synchronicity and how it serves you
  • How to recognize synchronicity
  • What is needed to use the Synchronicity SIgns when guiding yourself or others
  • What it means when there is ‘no synchronicity’

This is included

  • 1 Recording (1 hour and 44 mins)

Using Healing Sentences

Trainer: Martijn Meima
Prerequisite: Basic training in constellations

One of the interventions in a constellation is the use of so called healing sentences. These are short powerful statements that release tension and create movement. Healing sentences can also be used to find out the dynamics that are shown in the constellation.
In this masterclass you will learn how to find the right words, learn how to create these statements and when to use them. Martijn will give you some standard healing sentences that you can use in specific situations and you will practice with creating sentences on the spot in a constellation.

  • You have experienced when to use healing sentences
  • You know some of the basic healing sentences
  • You can create your own healing sentences

This is included

  • 2 Recordings (about 1 hour and 40 mins each)
  • 1 Document “Theory of Healing Sentences”
  • 1 Constellation format to say goodbye in a good way with the healing sentences that you can use

Narrative Constellations

Trainer: Frédérique te Dorsthorst - de Muij
Prerequisite: Basic training in constellations

In this masterclass you will learn to work with narrative constellations, including using archetypes and metaphors in constellations. The narrative constellation will help your client to explore a difficult situation from a different perspective. By using the different aspects of a story in the constellation, a clear image arises of what option you have and where you can find the resources to proceed.
You will learn the narrative constellation format that you can use right away. You will also get some insights into the background of archetypes. If you want to dive deeper into archetypes, you can access the masterclass Working With Archetypes.

  • You have learned the differences between the two
  • You are more familiar with the context and energy of businesses
  • You have practiced facilitating business contellations

This is included

  • 1 Recording (1 hour and 31 mins)

Working with archetypes

Trainer: Frédérique te Dorsthorst
Prerequisite: None

Archetypes connect us to a deep layer of knowing within ourselves and our companies. In this masterclass you will discover how to use the archetypal work in an organizational context.

Using these images of primeval characters opens up a transformational space for your clients and allows old and hidden patterns to be revealed and transformed. In the archetypal work we address (business) life as a story or a journey in which you, your team or organization are the hero. Every story has different layers and a basic universal structure. Working with these, helps us to unravel the complexity in (business) life.

In this workshop you will discover the layers in your own (business) story and how to apply it in guiding others. We will use narrative constellations and the narrative diagram.

  • You know more about archetypes
  • You will meet your inner board room
  • You have learned to use the narrative diagram
  • You have experienced the power of archetypes

This is included

  • 1 Recording (1 hour and 32 mins)
  • 1 List of archetypes that you can use
  • 1 Article about the inner boardroom

Mayan wisdom & the healing power of the ancestors

Trainer: Elvira van Rijn
Prerequisite: none

For ancient and contemporary Maya alike, ancestors are ever-present and fundamental to the sense of identity, heritage, power and place. The spiritual path of the Maya is aimed at a sustainable future, from a connection with the past. The Maya are very aware of their place in the generations. They honor their ancestors, find strength and feel supported by their ancestors and are equally aware of the impact their actions have on future generations. The ancestors have a lot of healing power. They recognise your issues, are there for you and wish the best for you.

In this masterclass you learn how to activate the healing power of the ancestors in two different ways. First you experience a guided meditation/constellation to let the healing energy in the family line flow. This empowers you to take your own place.

Second you experience the Mayan tree of life as ground plan for constellations. The tree of life connects us with specific qualities that we have recieved from the ancestors to heal ourselves and pass their wisdom on to next generations.

  • You have activated the healing power of your ancestors
  • You know the building blocks of the Mayan tree of life
  • You know in which situations you can choose for working with the ancestors

This is included

  • 1 Recording (1 hour and 34 mins)

Fixed Format Constellations

Trainer: Martijn Meima
Prerequisite: none

There are many constellation formats that you can use. In a fixed format constellation you use a fixed set of elements and sometimes you even place them in a fixed way. This fixed format creates a very powerful field that eneables you to focus on your client.

Using fixed format constellations allows even unexperienced facilitators to use the power of constellation in their training and coaching.

In this masterclass we will explore some fixed formats constellations. You will practice and experience their power. You will also get access to a number of formats that you can use right away. The formats are designed for 1-on-1 coaching and for groups and teams.

  • You know when to use fixed format constellations and when not
  • You have learned to use some fixed format constellations
  • You will have access to a number of practical fixed format constellations

This is included

  • 1 Recording (2 hour and 45 mins)
  • 11 Constellation formats, both for groups and 1:1

Meet our team of experienced trainers

Martijn Meima - Business Intuition Expert, Business Constellations

Martijn Meima

Head trainer

In 2008, Martijn was trained by a student of the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. Since then, He has been using business constellations almost on a daily basis and in 2013, he started to train the first group of facilitators.

His style is an intuitive one. He doesn't work with certain steps and protocols. He rather lets the field show the way. This is also the new way Bert Hellinger approached constellations at the end of his life. Martijn is very creative in using constellations. There is not a single format or approach he uses all the time. As a trainer Martijn combines energy, humor and lightness with tranquility, depth and authenticity. You will be encouraged to discover your own style. There is no one good way.

Participants like the lightness and humor in the training and at the same time the depth and major transformations that they go through. What we hear from them is that Martijn practices what he preaches and allows everything to be. This creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.


Frédérique te Dorsthorst


A specialist in the narrative approach and constellations. She has developed her own narrative map that helps your clients to unravel their story.

Demian Burgenik


Born in Argentina, Demian brings a South-American vibe to the team. He is a specialist in observing beyond the five senses. Demian has always been interested in sensing details and in perceiving that what is beneath the surface. Many teachers and masters have guided him. In his career he has used these skills to support people to operate in a harmonious way with the rhythm of life.
He creates the circumstances and provides the environment where time-space is the main factor to make content and connection at the service of transformation. Throughout the years he has adopted Taoism and the systemic approach in his way of living and in his practice. This way in his approach East meets West.

When you work with me you will find me as someone who is totally present and assertive. Embracing life in the totality and daring for taking you to the uncomfortable and transcendental places.

Elvira van Rijn - Maya wisdom

Elvira van Rijn


Elvira van Rijn (1967) is a spiritual growth facilitator, author and trainer. From her background as a communication trainer and her need for practical tools for lighter living, she decided to share her experiences with the Mayan wisdom and their spiritual calendar the Tzolkin. She is author of three books, a card deck, an app and many more practical tools for self-coaching. She gives workshops and trainings about the Tzolkin as a compass to those who want to live lighter from their own strength and wisdom.

Daisy da Veiga


Daisy da Veiga Is a Synchronicity Expert. Ever since a young age, she would follow 'the divine signs'. Her faith and clear sense of which direction the Universe/ God is pointing at, has brought her all over the world. At the age of 7 she was already performing on stage for large groups. At the age of 16 she was a young minister in her church.

After finishing her degree in International Communication Management, at the age of 23, she started a CSR consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi. Since 2009 she has been teaching spiritual principles and Mindset coaching to professionals. Her book "10 Steps to Succeed Calmly" is a guide to transform your life into a meaningful vessel. Her teachings are Synchronised as she tunes into the present moment to convey the message 'Of Now', helping others to walk in a new direction with Faith, Love and a sense of Oneness.

Let me know if you have any other questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this be done online?

    Yes, I have found out that even working with the undercurrents like constellation work, visualisations, and narrative work can be done online and have the same results as offline.

  • Can I use the skills also offline?

    Yes, everything you learn online in these masterclasses can also be used in in-person coaching and training.

  • Will I miss something, because it’s a recording?

    Yes, you will, because you can’t interact with the others and you are not able to join the breakout rooms and do the assignments. At the same time, we have seen that you can still gain a lot by watching the replay. You can even do the assignments for yourself or ask someone to do them with you.
    We have lowered the price so it’s reflecting the value you will get out of it.

  • What kind of background do I need?

  • We expect that you have done some personal development work and that you have some experience in guiding others. This way you can relate to the examples and can apply it to your own work.

  • How do the discounts work

    The more masterclasses you buy, the more discount you get. This will be automatically calculated when you put the masterclasses in your shopping cart.

  • How do I know this is the right thing to do for me?

    It is sometimes difficult to decide. Please check out the intuitive method on my website to take a decision. It will surely help

  • I am still not sure if I want to buy access to the masterclasses

    Please contact me. Together we can explore if this is the right thing for you.

  • How does it work with VAT?

    If you are from the Netherlands, you pay 21% VAT.
    If you have a company in the EU with a valid VAT number, you can enter this number on the checkout page. Then the VAT will be reverse charged to you, meaning that you don’t pay the VAT to me, but will have to pay it to your local tax office. If you are from the EU but don’t have a valid VAT number, you will have to pay the 21% Dutch VAT.
    You can see if your VAT number is a valid one by looking at the VAT number entry field. If it turns red, then the VAT number you provided is not valid for the EU.
    If you are from outside the EU, you will have to pay the VAT in your country. You will not have to pay VAT to me.
    When checking out, the shop will automatically calculate the right VAT. If not, don’t pay, but send me an email and I will check what went wrong.

Access to 9 Masterclasses


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  • Access to all 9 recordings of the masterclasses of your choice. Each about 1.5 hours long(differs a bit per masterclass)
  • Extra online resources if available (see the text for each masterclass)
  • Possibility to email me with questions about the masterclass

Access to 5 MasterclassesPopular option


Per masterclass
  • 18% discount!
  • Access to 5 recordings of the masterclasses of your choice. Each about 1.5 hours long(differs a bit per masterclass)
  • Extra online resources if available (see the text for each masterclass)
  • Possibility to email me with questions about the masterclass

Access to 3 Masterclasses


Per masterclass
  • More than 10% discount
  • Access to 3 recordings of the masterclasses of your choice. Each about 1.5 hours long(differs a bit per masterclass)
  • Extra online resources if available (see the text for each masterclass)
  • Possibility to email me with questions about the masterclass

Access to 1 Masterclass


For 1 masterclass
  • Access to the masterclass recording of about 1.5 hours (differs a bit per masterclass)
  • Extra online resources if available (see the text for each masterclass)
  • Possibility to email me with questions about the masterclass

How to Get Access to the Masterclasses?

You buy access to the business constellation masterclasses of your choice by putting them in your shopping cart (hover over them and select add to cart). Then pay for them on the secure checkout page using credit card, Paypal, or some local payment methods. The discount for 3, 5 or 9 masterclasses will automatically be calculated.
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