Recording Masterclass First Essential Steps

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The first phase of a constellation process is very important. This is where you create the safe space to let the constellation unfold. By selecting the elements you also decide what fields to open and what not. It gives a direction to the constellation. These steps also determine the willingness of your client(s) to surrender to the process.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to improve these first steps. The masterclass focuses on the interview with the client and choosing the right question and elements to work with. It will also shine a light on the preparation and getting people in ‘the mood’ for a constellation.
You will learn what options you have and how to choose which one to follow. You will get some practical background information from my own experience.

What will you learn?

After this masterclass:

  • You know how to get your clients ready for a constellation
  • You will work with the most relevant question
  • You will choose the appropriate elements

What do you get?

This product gives you access to:

  • Recording (1 hour 26 mins)
  • 3 inspirational videos about supporting others
  • 3 warm-up exercises
  • 1 document and 1 video about pure intuition
  • 1 document about 3 places from which you can facilitate
  • 1 constellation format to prepare a constellation with your client(s)
  • 1 meditation to connect to your intuition

Who is the teacher?

Martijn Meima

How to get access?

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