Mastering The Craft Of Facilitating Business Constellations

Are you a business or family constellator who

  • has had some training and/or experience in facilitating constellations?
  • would like to master this craft some more?
  • is looking for new ways to approach constellations?
  • wants to learn from a master with over 10 years of experience?
  • wants to connect with other constellators from all over the world?

Then these masterclasses are made for you!

It is a very flexible program. You can choose any masterclass you like and as many as you like. Every masterclass is a stand alone workshop. For some I have invited guest teachers.
I will add masterclasses from time to time. This way you can keep developing yourself.

The First Essential Steps

The first steps in a constellation are important because they determine the direction of the constellation and the willingness of the client to surrender to the process. In this module you will learn how to improve these first steps. The masterclass focuses on the interview with the client and choosing the right question and elements to work with. It will also shine a light on the preparation and getting people in ‘the mood’ for a constellation.
This first phase of a constellation process is very important. This is where you create the safe space to let the constellation unfold. By selecting the elements you also decide what fields to open and what not. It gives a direction to the constellation.
In the masterclass you will learn what options you have and how to choose which one to follow. You will get some practical background information from my own experience and you will practice a lot.

  • You know how to get your clients ready for a constellation
  • You will work with the most relevant question
  • You will choose the appropriate elements

Narrative Constellations And Archetypes

In this masterclass you will learn to work with narrative constellations, including using archetypes and metaphors in constellations. Archetypes connect us to a deep layer of knowing within ourselves and our companies. Using these images of primeval characters in a constellation opens up a transformational space for your client and allows old and hidden patterns to be revealed and transformed.
For this masterclass I have asked guest teacher Frédérique te Dorsthorst to guide you. She is a specialist in the narrative approach and working with archetypes. You will learn a narrative constellation format that you can use right away using archetypes. You will also get insights into the background of archetypes, so you can create your own archetypical constellations.

  • You know more about archetypes
  • You know more about narrative constellations
  • You have learned to use the narrative scheme
  • You have experienced the power of archetypes

Using Healing Sentences

One of the interventions in a constellation is the use of so called healing sentences. These are short powerful statements that release tension and create movement. Healing sentences can also be used to find out the dynamics that are shown in the constellation.
In this masterclass you will learn how to find the right words, learn how to create these statements and when to use them. I will give you some standard healing sentences that you can use in specific situations and you will practice with creating sentences on the spot in a constellation.

  • You have experienced when to use healing sentences
  • You know some of the basic healing sentences
  • You can create your own healing sentences

Boost Your Sensing Skills

Observing is an important skill when facilitating a constellation. For this masterclass I have asked Demian Burgenik to dive with you into the world beyond matter. Demian has always been interested in sensing details and in perceiving that what is beneath the surface. Many teachers and masters have guided him. In his career he has used these skills to support people to operate in a harmonious way with the rhythm of life.

In this masterclass you will enrich the way you sense and observe a constellation. You will sharpen your five senses to observe what you normally will miss. Demian will also explain and let you experience how to sense beyond matter, sense the field, the energy. You will then use this information to create interventions that are spot on.

  • You know how to use your body as sensing instrument
  • You have learned to use all your senses and more
  • You can translate the sensed information into an intervention

Finding The Empty Center

The emtpy center is the silent place inside of you from which you can guide a constellation without bringing in too much of your own systemic ‘mess’. It is a place from which you can tap into your intuition and find the interventions that really make a difference. In this masterclass I will help you finding and enlarging this empty center.  The masterclass will help you to look at yourself, explore your patterns and let go of some patterns. We will work with constellations and also with release techniques and meditation. This way you will be able to create a state of being in which you can allow everything to be. You will practice facilitating using this empty center.

  • You have connected to your empty center
  • You have created more silence and stillness inside
  • You are more aware of your own patterns

Structural Constellations

There are many constellation formats that you can use. In a fixed format constellation you use a fixed set of elements and sometimes you even place them in a fixed way. Depending on the issue of your client there are many formats that you can use. In this masterclass we will explore some fixed formats constellations. You will practice and experience their power. You will also get access to a number of formats that you can use right away.

  • You know when to use fixed format constellations and when not
  • You have learned to use some fixed format constellations
  • You will have access to a number of practical fixed format constellations
Over 10 Years Of Constellation Experience, Humor, Depth

Who Is Martijn Meima?

In 2008, I was trained by a student of the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. Since then, I have been using business constellations almost on a daily basis and in 2013, I started to train the first group of facilitators.

My style is an intuitive one. I do not work with certain steps and protocols. I rather let the field show the way. This is also the new way Bert Hellinger approached constellations at the end of his life. I am very creative in using constellations. There is not a single format or approach I use all the time. As a trainer I combine energy, humor and lightness with tranquility, depth and authenticity. You will be encouraged to discover your own style. There is no one good way.

Participants like the lightness and humor in the training and at the same time the depth and major transformations that they go through. What I hear from them is that I practice what I preach and allow everything to be. This creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.

Why Should I Attend These Masterclasses?

There Is a Lot Of Practicing

I believe that the best way to improve your skills is by doing. That is why I have chosen to give live Zoom meetings in which you can practice in small groups.

Online Training Environment

You will get access to a secured training environment in which you will find background theory, some book recommendations, and practical information regarding the masterclass(es).


You can pick your cherries. You can choose 1 masterclass, or follow all of them. Depending on your needs, budget and experience.

1 Month Email Support Per Masterclass

You can contact me with all questions you have regarding the implementation of what you have learned.

It’s Online

You will be able to join from home. No traveling, no hotels, but still connected, interactive and deep.

Global Attendance Support

My wish is for as many people as possible to be able to learn this wonderful craft. Therefore I have developed a Global Attendence Support, meaning that you should be able to join, no matter the GDP of your country or your personal financial situation. It also means that the times of the training will be adjusted to your timezone as much as possible. Contact me for more information.

Let me know if you have any other questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this be done online?

    Yes, I have found out that constellation work can be done online and have the same results as offline.

  • Can I use the skills also offline?

    Yes, everything you learn online in these masterclasses can also be used in real live facilitation.

  • What kind of background do I need?

    I expect that you have had some training or experience in facilitating constellations, either family or business or both. There are no other prerequisites.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, you can. There a 5% additional admininstration fee if you pay in installments. Contact me to arrange the payments.

  • How do I know this is the right thing to do for me?

    It is sometimes difficult to decide. Please check out the intuitive method on my website to take a decision. It will surely help

  • I am still not sure if I want to join

    Please contact me. Together we can explore if this is the right training and the right time for you.

Dates & Times

We have not planned the dates yet for these masterclasses. If you want to join, please sign up. When there are 4 people interested, I will contact you to ask for your availability so I can take that into account when setting the new dates.

You can also decide to buy the recordings of the masterclasses.

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5 Recordings


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  • Recording of the following masterclasses:
  • * Narrative constellations
  • * Finding the empty center
  • * Boosting your sensing skills
  • * Fixed format constellations
  • * Working with healing sentences
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