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What is good, what is bad?

If you want to accelerate your business by using your intuition you might to let go of the concept of good and bad. In this vlog I share a personal example in which something bad turned out to be something good.

We tend to know what is good for us and what we want. If something turns out differently we label it as bad or wrong. By doing this we narrow our consciousness and limit the power of our intuition.

By assuming that you know what is good and what is bad, you might miss some of the really interesting twists in life that will bring you so much more than you can imagine. Sometimes this is clear right away and sometimes it takes some time (days, months or even years).

An example from my own life where it took months before I realized how bad actually was good is the following.

Back in the days when I was employed in a consultancy firm, I had a lease car. This was something I had negotiated when I applied for the job and it really was important for me. After 4 years I was still convinced that it was my right to have a lease car. The manager at that time didn’t agree. He told me that based on the kilometers I traveled I could not keep my lease car.

I was furious and did everything to claim my right. Until I stopped and broadened my mind. What was I doing? Why was I fighting? What would happen if I would let go and surrender? I decided to let go, to accept what was happening. This really was releasing and gave me joy. I did have to buy a car, but still I was happy.

It became even better when a year later my wife and I decided to move to the other side of the country (which in Holland is a little not too far). My team leader at the time allowed me to do my work in the train! This meant that I didn’t have to spend 3-4 hours per day in traffic jams. It meant that I could live where I wanted and still work at the company I liked. It meant that I could leave home around 8 AM and be back at 5:30 PM. It was great!

Then I realized that if I would have still have had that lease car there was no way I could have managed to travel by train and work in the train. Wow, I realized that it was such a present that my manger had told me I could not have a lease car! It just took a year before life showed me why!

In the following vlog, I share a much smaller example of something bad that turned out to be great.

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