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How Death Can Benefit Your Business

By 07/11/2019September 13th, 2021Management

In this vlog I explain how the concept of death can be beneficiary for your business.

NB: If you don’t see the English subtitles, make sure to click on the button at the bottom of the video to turn on the subtitles.


  • Thanks Martijn. A very interesting contribution, as sometimes people are a bit scared of “letting go” (or even considering this/talking about it). I guess, for a healthy organisation, letting parts go (services, products, clients, cooperations, but also employees/colleagues) is a natural (and sometimes necessary) process that simply needs to happen, and/or deliberately initiated/carried out.
    Sticking with things for too long can become a burden and an “unhealthy” element in a company, to my mind.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you, Helmut. Part of why we are not so fond of stopping a service, relationship or product has to do with the fact that family systems don’t have an end. They continue (almost) for ever. So in our energetic DNA we are programmed to let things continue.
      Other causes could have to do with something you have encountered in the passed or a bad experience in your company.

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