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Everything In Life Is Temporary – Live Life Step By Step

By 02/08/2018November 14th, 2022Management, Personal development

The beautiful thing about life and about doing business is that everything is temporary. Too often we think that decisions we take or choices we make will be made forever. This causes us too really think and deliberate a lot before making a choice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t urge you to not think and just randomly take decisions, but we can loosen up a little and go with the flow of (business) life.

(Almost) Everything Is Reversible

You can undo every choice you make. If you have added a new service on your website, you can take it off at the touch of a button. If you have told your client that you will do the job for a certain price, you can tell him that you will raise (or lower) your price. It might not be very kind, you might get results you don’t want, but it is possible.

See life and doing business as a game and experiment with different choices. This is a good way of discovering what works for you and what won’t. Explore when decisions lead to more success, happiness and health and when they don’t. By experimenting it will be much easier to change something just because you want it! You can change anything you want as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of these changes.

Take Conscious Decisions

At the same time when you take your decisions (although they are temporary) consciously, you will live your life much more intense and aware. My advise is not to just take any decision, because you can undo it anytime. No, the point is to take every decision consciously. Not only when taking big decisions, like hiring new personell or signing a collaboration contract, but also with small decisions like talking to your mother in law or having a conversation with your colleague. Every single moment decide what you want to do and do it with everything that is in you and with all your consciousness. This will enrich your own life and that of others.

Live In 10-Second Steps

In the Access Consciousness school they tell you to live your life in 10-second steps. Every time you take your decisions if you had only 10 more seconds to live. This way every time you consciously decide what will bring you further in this very moment.

Of course this doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes you do things because you know you have more than 10 seconds to live. You might for example decide to develop a new service because you sense the need for this service and you want to provide it. At the same time it is still interesting to explore if you would have taken this decisions also if you knew that you only had 10 more seconds to live. If you wouldn’t, what would decision would you take instead? This will cause you to stay connected with what you really want in life all the time. It will also make you aware that you are the one who can change your life; every 10 seconds!

Personally the 10-second steps make me aware of the fact that everything is temporary. In 10 seconds you can make a new choice. In 10 seconds the world will be different and will ask for different actions. Something that seems very important to you in this very moment can be completely different in 10 seconds (or 10 days). A characteristic you have now can be unlearned in 10 seconds. So never say “I am not able to …”, but say “Until now I have not yet managed to …”

And whether you think in 10-second, 5-minute or 1-day steps, that doesn’t matter, as long as you see things in life as temporary.

I would like to invite you to be aware of the choices you make. Be aware of the impermanence of the choices. You can make a new decision every 10 seconds. And if you make the decision do it with all you have got and go for it for 100%.

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