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Develop, learn, grow, and get inspired

For everyone that is interested in business constellations

  • Are you a facilitator of constellations and do you want to learn more?
  • Are you a changemaker with a business question?
  • Are you ‘just’ interested in business constellations?

During a Business Constellation Circle, we will focus on one business constellation. We will use this to practice, learn, and experience this wonderful modality’s power. You can join to just watch and be a representative, to have a constellation for your business question, or to practice facilitating a constellation (if you have already done some training). You can decide when to join. No obligations.

Time to focus on business constellation work

What are we going to do?

Before the session, I ask you what you want to learn or experience. If you have a question that you want a constellation for, you send it to me. I decide whose question we are going to work with and if I am going to facilitate or someone else.
During the session, we will do one business constellation. During the constellation, I will share options that you have as a facilitator and why I choose a certain option. If someone else facilitates, I will sometimes intervene and suggest possible other options, or ask a reflective question.
After the constellation, we will reflect on the facilitation process and you can ask general questions about facilitating business constellations.

How does it work?

Practical Details

Every six weeks, I organize a circle. You can decide which one(s) you want to join.
You can pay for one or buy a pass for five. When you buy a pass, you get an email a few weeks before the circle, asking if you want to join. The pass is valid for as long as I organize the circles.
The times alternate between the European morning and afternoon, so every 12 weeks, the times are Asian- and Americas-friendly.

What do you gain from this?

  • A chance to have a business constellation for your own business

  • You will learn more about the facilitation process:

    • The intake interview

    • Selecting the elements

    • Different ways of facilitating constellations online (with the Zoom screens, floor markers, tabletop, or an online tool)

    • Possible systemic interventions in business constellations

    • When to finish a constellation

  • A chance to facilitate a business constellation under my supervision

Over 10 Years Of Constellation Experience, Humor, Depth

Who Is Martijn Meima?

In 2008, I was trained by a student of the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. Since then, I have been using business constellations almost on a daily basis and in 2013, I started to train the first group of facilitators.

My style is an intuitive one. I do not work with certain steps and protocols. I rather let the field show the way. This is also the new way Bert Hellinger approached constellations at the end of his life. I am very creative in using constellations. There is not a single format or approach I use all the time. As a trainer I combine energy, humor and lightness with tranquility, depth and authenticity. You will be encouraged to discover your own style. There is no one good way.

Participants like the lightness and humor in the training and at the same time the depth and major transformations that they go through. What I hear from them is that I practice what I preach and allow everything to be. This creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.

Dates & Times

The times alternate between 10:00 – 11:30 AM and 4:00 – 5:30 PM Amsterdam time.
Be aware that starting end of October we change to daylight savings time, so the time difference with your location might change.

  • September 6 (10:00 – 11:30)
  • October 16 (4:00 – 5:30)
  • November 30 (10:00 – 11:30)
  • January 18 (4:00 – 5:30)
  • March 4 (10:00 – 11:30) (NOTE: I have changed this date on Dec 19)
  • April 8 (4:00 – 5:30)
  • May 21 (10:00 – 11:30)
  • June 26 (4:00 – 5:30)


Pass For 5Better Deal!


Access 5 Circles
  • 5 Business Constellation Circle Sessions (1-1.5 hours)
  • Possibility to ask questions
  • Global Attendance Service
  • * Excl. 21% VAT for EU participants without a valid EU VAT number

1 Circle


Access to 1 Circle
  • 1 Business Constellation Circle Session (1-1.5 hours)
  • Possibility to ask questions
  • Global Attendance Service
  • * Excl. 21% VAT for EU participants without a valid EU VAT number

Global Attendance Service

I keep the price low, so as many people as possible can join this circle. If the price is still a problem for you, feel free to contact me. I have a Global Attendance Service, which means that I’d like people from all over the world to be able to join regardless of their timezone and financial situation.

Easy sign up, secure payment

Yes, I want to sign up!

You sign up by clicking on the button below. This button will take you to the webshop checkout page where you can pay for the circle ticket. You can also choose to buy a pass to access 5 circles. You will receive the Zoom link to the circles a week before the circle.

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