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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Business Constellations

Business constellations, their popularity is rising within the consultancy and business world. This cousin of family constellations can help organizations to reach their goals and to solve complex and repeating problems. But, be aware! Maybe they are totally not suited for your or your company.

Business constellations are a very powerful intervention to gain insight in complex situations. They are a means to make implicit knowledge explicit. At the same time business constellations create the momentum and energy to change what needs to be changed.

In the many business, organizational, and marketing constellations that I have facilitated, I found that these companies (large and small), just like self employed entrepreneurs really benefit from this powerful method. Business constellations open up a path to being effortlessly successful.

Please keep the following 3 things in mind when starting to work with business and organizational constellations.

business constellations - transparent

Business constellations create transparency 

Because business constellations don’t have the filter of the rational mind, but work with the knowledge of the subconscious undercurrent, they reveal everything that is needed to solve the problem. This includes hidden agendas, dark pages of the company’s history and personal issues of the owner or other people that influence the company.

Often, problems in companies are just symptoms of underlying patterns and dynamics. By using business and organizational constellations, these hidden causes will be exposed. As a facilitator, I can’t determine and control what will and what will not become visible. Working with a lot of self-employed people, I often find that personal fears or entanglements in the family system are the root cause of symptoms like not landing enough clients. Examples from working with larger companies include the fact that a major event in the history of the company might cause the problems years later to enter a new market, or the death of one of the founders, causing a manager not to function well.

Fortunately, I have seen that many constellations show exactly what needs to be seen and felt and that everyone involved can handle the information. The intention is always positive. By going to the core and source of the issue and to start the transformation from there, the change will be lasting and effect all parts of the organization in a positive way. Self employed people will notice that by dealing with their personal issues, their business will flourish.

Business constellations - pointing finger

You can’t blame anyone

One of the principles of business constellations is that there are no victims and no perpetrators. If you have already found someone or something to blame for the problem you are facing, a business constellation will shine a different light on this. You will see that there is deeper cause that goes beyond guilt and innocence, beyond perpetrators and victims. It often means that you will also have to look in the mirror and face your responsibility in the situation. The times have passed that you could point at someone and get it over with. Using business and organizational constellations you will connect with this deeper layer and find out what you can do to get the flow back in your business and to create the success that you envision.

Business constellations no control

You will have to let go of control

Business constellations will show the imbalance in systems and what is needed to rebalance them. But, unlike standard consultancy methods, there will be no clear steps or milestones defined. During the constellation certain things will come up, solutions will emerge, and relief can be felt.

One of the underlying principles of business constellations is that a system, company, or organization can be balanced in a way that everyone has a good place, can contribute to and profit from the organization. Often, when you face a problem in your business, there is an imbalance because someone takes or gives too much, or doesn’t have a place. This might be in the present or, more often, this imbalance has been created in the (distant) past. Your rational mind can’t help you to figure out what is causing the imbalance, let alone that you can come up with a plan or schedule to solve it.

You will have to let go, and trust the process of the constellation and allow the movement that emerges to continue. A business constellation will show what is needed to rebalance the system in an organic and intense way. In all the years that I have facilitated business and organizational constellations, I have seen that you can’t control this process, nor the outcome. The constellation will show what is needed and where the solution path can be found.

Besides that, working with business constellations is more about being than doing. This might be very uncomfortable for you and your people. Many times, I see my clients wanting to create goals, or an action plan based on what they saw and experienced in the constellation. A constellation will create the movement necessary no matter if you do anything or not. The effects of a constellation ripple out to a wider area than just the person, team, or part of the organization that is involved.

You will have to let go of control of the process, of your influence, and open up for that what emerges. Not everyone is ready of that. Of course, you can create some actions, or define some lessons from what you have experienced in the constellation, but the more you let go, the stronger the effect.

These 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use business constellations are written a bit ironically, of course. These reasons do give an idea of the power and uniqueness of the method of business constellations. They show what you can expect if you want to use this powerful modality.

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