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Your way out of the COVID-crisis

By 03/30/2021May 28th, 2021Personal development

My reaction to the COVID crisis

In the Netherlands it has been a little over a year since we had our first lockdown. I must admit that in the beginning I thought this would be over in a few weeks. When our prime minister was talking about months or even years, I got quite upset.

Then I surrendered again.

But only a few weeks later started to challenge everything the authorities were telling us. I was mad at all the restrictions and maybe more mad at life itself. Why was this happening.

Then I surrendered again.

Picking up my business by taking many trainings and workshops online, which actually really worked well. I came up with new services (teaching constellators how to do constellations online) and was happy with the fast acceptance of online trainings and workshops. This opened up a whole new market for me. But I was also missing the traveling, the physical contact with my clients, and got a bit tired of getting behind a computer screen again for the next training, workshop, or coach session. I also felt the collective heaviness, sorrow, pain, and despair. I was tired of putting up with all this.

Then I surrendered again.

The crisis is mostly inside of you

As you can see in my example, most of the crisis is happening inside of you. Of course there is a lot going on outside of you. But the real crisis is taking place inside of you. I talk to many people, entrepreneurs, employees  and I hear many positive stories, even by people that are hit hard by COVID. I also hear sad stories and people that have lost hope. I do believe that you can get yourself out of this crisis. It requires some personal development and some inner steps.

What is your reaction to the COVID crisis?

What is your reaction to this crisis? What have been thinking, feeling, and doing? If you look at it as an outsider, what do you think of it? What patterns show up? What emerges from your inner shadow? What new paths have you discovered? What new insights about the world and yourself have you gotten?

Your way out of this COVID crisis

I have developed a do-it-yourself constellation that will show you your inner way out of this crisis. You can choose from three options.

Very intuitive

In this version you will experience the constellation without your mind understanding it.

Do the intuitive constellation

A bit intuitive

In this version your mind knows vaguely what it is about.

Do the partly intuitive constellation

First understand

In this version you will first understand what it is about and then do the constellation.

Do the least intuitive constellation

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