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The Power Of Facilitating Business Constellations

Webinar The Power Of Facilitating Business Constellations

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Facilitating Business Constellations
Since 2008 I have been using business constellations in my work as (business) coach, consultant and trainer. It has enriched my professional and personal life. Facilitating constellations is such a powerful way of reveiling the truth beneath (business) questions.
In this webinar I would like to share more about the craft of facilitating business constellations

What do You Learn?
After this webinar you will have more insight in what it takes to facilitate a business constellation. You will also have learned a systemic approach to business questions and you will have had the opportunity to ask questions about facilitating constellations.

Experience a Constellation in the Webinar!
You will do a constellation yourself during the webinar! This way you can experience the power of this method right away.
‚ÄčThis is a unique opportunity. Don’t miss it!

For whom is this webinar
This webinar is especially interesting for (business) coaches, consultants and (interim) managers that are interested in using this powerful method in their work.

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