I can tell a lot about myself and the things I have done. It is better to hear from others how they experienced me and my work. That is why you find the testimonials on this page.

Kata Foldes

Kata Foldes, Hungary

“By connecting to and harnessing my intuition, I could get insight into my systems, relationships, feelings and most importantly connection to fantastic people helping me on my journey. It opened up a wide spectrum in the world of systemic approach and systemic constellations. I truly enjoyed the playful note of the 5 days, yet it delivered great content, further information to look after and learn in the upcoming months and years. Exciting, varied means and methods. Brilliant week”

Ken Homer

Ken Homer, Collaborative Conversations, San Rafael, California, USA

“During the GASC conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, Martijn’s skill in introducing and contextualizing business constellations as business intuition quickly put everyone not only at ease, but also in a highly curious state. His skillful facilitation of constellations led to some of the most profound and moving moments in our days together. People kept talking about the depth of the insights they got not only about themselves but also about the systems in which they work. Martijn’s good humor and warm caring presence made it an absolute pleasure to work with him. If you are considering exploring the realms that business constellations can open up, you will be hard pressed to find a better guide than Martijn to accompany you on your journey.”

Ignas Skudrickas

Ignas Skudrickas, Lithuania

“I did quite a lot personal development trainings where I work basically with my mind and thinking. Constellations were focused only on intuition and gut feeling. And this was a huge breakthrough for me. I have never had such an interesting and intense learning experience before in such a short time. I could not say I have got a clear answer what exactly to do in every step of my life, but I can truly say I’ve realised the approach towards my issue I wanted to solve. And now after more than half a year later I feel very much OK in my path and slowly but surely building my life the way it feels relaxed, enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Esther Liska, GLOW Women Club and SoL Portgual

I had the privilege to experience Martijn´s constellation workshop at GASC conference in Porto and felt “literally” in my body how powerful this tool is. Martijin has an extraordinary skill to help us understand the wisdom we all have in our bodies and how we can apply it in our day-to-day life. We all are gifted with intuition but the majority of us are wasting this potential because we don´t know how to tap into it and Martijn is a key factor in helping us to get there. Thank you and God blessed!

Simeon Ries

Simeon Ries, Enodo, Germany

“Martijns constellations during our workshop held in Sofia in May 2016 worked out as a kind of glue between exposed presentations and between participants and assessors. The frame and his conduction of the constellation made visible and tangible  the personal, social and political self-awareness all participants carried along. As a result after two days of planned and improvised working together, almost everybody seemed to feel the vibrations of a deep inner string. 

Yes, I do recommend Martijns way of realizing constellations. His Into-ition enables him to prepare and lead complex development of processes, making clear that the borders of the game are open and fluent. Professional and brave, he is aware of his own role within the constellation, treating every part as well as the whole system with respect and guidance.

Martijn’s responsible and vulnerable determination helped me to rethink my own concerns about the propensity to manipulate people and outcomes in constellations according to the leaders vision and mindset.


Natalia Blagoeva, Eudaimonia Solutions and SoL Bulgaria

“I find Martijn a genuine, highly intelligent and trustworthy professional and human being that I can always learn from and rely on. I would recommend you working with Martijn Meima in any capacity you can. He opens doors you did not know existed and supports your journey to becoming a better human being that makes better choices for self and others by making intuition part of your toolbox.

For myself and many others, the GASC conference in Sofia, Bulgaria was the first time we came in touch with constellations and what I know for sure—after speaking with numerous people—is that everybody went away with something beautiful and profound yet different because of the unique location each of us is at in our own life journeys.”

Due to Martijn’s work, the conference became integral and interconnected, deeper as an experience, and more profound as an impact. Today, I cannot imagine this Conference without his contribution.”

Tihomir Georgiev, Bulgaria

“What surprised me was that the trainer was so clear and simple in his explanation and work with the group. That simplicity and clarity was not substituted for quality. Rather the opposite – very supportive and empowering context to learn, explore, play and practice. Where and when everything is OK and all is just information, but not a good or bad, right or wrong.
That basis and approach of Martijn Meima was professional and gave me an opportunity to develop myself. As a result I got confidence in my coaching skills and I started using systemic work and constellation in different contexts in my personal and professional life. I find the method profound and the way it was delivered to me as pure, unique and powerful.

I would recommend Martijn Meima and his trainings because of the quality and professional attitude he brings. The context he creates as well as the care that Martijn provides towards his trainees is beautiful and is a model that inspires me in my work. A great person, a coach and a trainer.”

Ieva Garjane

Ieva Garjane, Latvia

“Life changing experience personally and professionally. Energy flow and feeling that it was planned to be there for me. Programme was intensive, deep, specific and significant.”