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How do business constellations relate to other methods and theories?

By 02/11/2020February 11th, 2021business constellations

There are more approaches to doing business that are holistic, work with embodied knowledge, and include the intuitive layer. In this article I share how business constellations relate to some of them.

What is the Link with Theory U and Teal Organizations?

Business Constellations are a great way to tap into the subconscious level and retrieve information that is normally not available to us. This enables us to broaden our sensing much more than when using other methods. From this perspective, business constellations can be used in the bottom of the U from theory U. Moreover learning to facilitate constellations requires you to develop your sensing skills and intuition. It helps you connect with the source at the bottom of the U and by doing so you can help your clients connect to the source as well.


The basic stance for a facilitator is an open mind, open heart and open will as well as being connected to what is called the empty center. This stance helps you to follow the energy of the constellation instead of controlling it with your mind and will. By following the flow of the constellation, the results are much more impactful. This will enable you to facilitate people and organizations to find solutions that are sustainable and already in sync with the emerging future, and that are good for the organization, the people and the planet.

Business constellations are a systemic way of looking at businesses that helps us to create organizations that work in a natural and balanced way. Constellations are grounded in a holistic and interdependent view of the world. They are based on the premise that there are neither perpetrators nor victims, that parts of a system contain all information of the whole and that there is a system consciousness that affects everything and everyone in the system. Such a systemic wapproach to businesses could help us render any team or organization successful but also offer a doorway that help us co-create the next generation of organizations (referred to as “teal” in Reinventing Organizations by Fréderic Laloux) based on wholeness, evolutionary purpose and self-management.

Business constellations are also a good way to see the organization as an organism with its own soul. With business constellations the organization gets a voice and a body. This way it can share its feelings and thoughts. It is always amazing to see how much clarity this brings for the manager or owner.

How Do Constellations Relate to Social Presencing Theatre, Gestalt therapy and Psycho Drama?

Bert Hellinger, the founder of constellations (first family constellations) based this method on gestalt therapy and psycho drama. What he added was sensing and tapping into the collective consciousness to bring up information in different forms (words, postures, movements) that helps the client to identify the root cause of the problem and to find a movement towards sustainable solution.

Other than in Social Presencing Theatre, constellations emerge from a business question. They not only show the current reality with its many layers, but add the path to resolving the issues at hand. The amazing aspect is that when more peace and balance has evolved in a constellation, the same is true for the real world outside the workshop room. People behave differently, the client thinks differently and old patterns seem to have vanished. Finally in business constellations we allow the representatives to move freely. This way it is a very dynamic image of the situation, problem, or question.

Constellations are both an experience of sensing and connecting with one’s intuition, as well as a way of bringing more balance and healing to systems.

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