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Are your acts based on abundance?

By 09/15/2016September 28th, 2017Personal development

This time of year really connects me with abundance. Although the economic theories use scarcity as a base, I really believe that also doing business should be based on abundance. In this blog en video I explain how and why.

Economic models are based on scarcity

At the University of Groningen, majoring in Business Administration (a long time ago), I learnt that economic models are based on scarcity. Because certain things are scarce, we can ask money for providing them. Without scarcity there is no economy seemded to be the lesson. In our current world and economy this still seems to be the mainstream belief. Think about scarcity of time, money, space, etc.

Abundance of money

I don’t believe this is true. Above that, I have experienced abundance over and over again. Also in doing business. You only have to be aware of it. Last week I talked to Malek Jaber, a venture capitalist specialist. He told me that in his world scarcity is also the base of all thoughts and actions. Startups think there are not enough venture capitalists. The thing is they also are proven right, because they cannot find the money to finance their business. On the other hand, venture capitalists complain that there are not enough startups to finance. Interesting, isn’t it?
The thing is that many startups are not attractive enough to finance. There is no real scarcity. Venture capitalists should help startups to become attractive and startups themselves should find out how to become attractive. Then suddenly there will be abundance. It is just a way of shifting your attention.

Abundance of time and customers

I have also experienced moments of scarcity in my company. It made me become narrow minded and because of that there was even more scarcity (abundance of scarcity :-). All of the sudden, when I started to focus on abundance and transformed my fear of scarcity, new customers started to call and I could dwell in abundance.

Even time is something I have experienced as being in abundance. Everybody knows that time is relative. There are times that time is passing by very slowly and another day time flies. Sometimes you get a lot done in let’s say an hour and other days a lot less. Time is not something fixed.
I have had a wonderful experience with time in a short workshop about business constellations I once facilitated. I had 15 minutes and wanted to do a constellation, explain about constellations and spend some time sharing experiences. No way this was going to work in 15 minutes. Until I decided to create a time bubble in which time was slowed down. It worked fantastically. Abundance of time.

Abundance is a choice

It seems that abundance is a choice. It depends on what you focus your attention on and if you are willing to change your beliefs and transform your hidden limitations. More than that, you can create abundance in every area you wish.

In the following video I use the abundance in nature to connect you with the abundance in yourself and in your company. I am really curious how you are going to create more abundance. Please leave your reaction below.

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