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For entrepreneurs who would like to develop their businesses in an intuitive, systemic, and holistic way

Grow Your Business Effortlessly

Are  you a changemaker who wants to:

  • Have more impact on the world?

  • Develop your pure intuition and use it in your business?

  • Learn intuitive tools that you can directly apply

  • Tap into a source of energy, inspiration, and connection?

  • Connect with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and grow together?

Then this is your training!

During the 6-modules, you will learn a new way of doing business, The Effortless Entrepreneur. You will develop new skills, learn to surrender, and follow a powerful flow that leads you and your business to wonderful results. By tapping into your pure intuition and using intuitive methods like (business) constellations, visualizations, and energy-work, combined with business knowledge, you will notice that it will take less effort.

You will learn how to work with the undercurrent in your business and your personal life, thus making it easier to do business and get results.

So, if you want to improve your business, develop yourself, and create the success that you envision, this is your training.

Nicola Rolland

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a new approach to bring their service to fruition that is more than a list of defined steps. Martijn creates a very grounded space for you to be guided by your intuition to look at your offering from more than one angle.
When it comes to understanding what to do to bring an offering to market, this course puts the participant in the expert seat; leaving you with tools that will be of use long after the sessions are finished.
Martijn’s style is non-intrusive yet strongly supportive and open, leaving space for everyone to bring what they need to explore. I really appreciated his drama-free guided meditations. He has a very practical (non-flowery) manner that allowed me access to deep-seated information.
The sessions were informative, engaging, thought-provoking and fun.”

– Nicola Rolland – Leadership coach and consultant, Scotland

Caryl Roberts

“Martijn guided us through a series of online sessions that were at the same time full and spacious. He has a wonderful way of holding space.
His intuitive touch allowed an expansiveness of reflection and generosity of sharing. In particular the areas of time and surrender have been so useful as I start a new business in a very different way from my previous business.
The exercises we completed during the programme were powerful and having access to the tools and videos after the sessions is brilliant as the learning keeps unfolding.”

– Caryl Roberts, Resident Coach, United Kingdom

What will be covered in the training The Effortless Entrepreneur?

Explore The Six Success Accelerators

During the six 3-hour modules, we will focus on each of the six success accelerators from my book The Effortless Entrepreneur. This way, you will cover all important aspects of your business.

1. Personal

Looking into the mirror and developing your intuition. What is intuition? How can you use it in your business?
How can you develop your intuition?

2. Surrendering

What would happen if you could surf a larger flow?
We are going to explore different larger forces that influence your company and that you could use.
Your mission in life, the organism of your company, and the system conscience

3. Clients

What is happening in the undercurrent when you are dealing with marketing and sales?
How can you attract more clients with less effort?
We will look at your own patterns and how they affect your marketing and sales

4. Money

In this module, you will create more freedom regarding money and especially receiving money
You will transform some old patterns and learn how to relate to money in a different way.
We will also look at success and how to create more of it


5. Time

You will learn an intuitive approach to time.
How can you surf time instead of managing it?
How can you get more done in less time?

6. Taking Action

Finally, we will see what you need to make it happen. How do you use goals?
Why should you just focus on your next step instead of making a plan?
And you will explore what is stopping you from taking the steps that you know you should take

Mariana Ipkendanz, the effortless entrepreneur training

“In this training, we looked at the use of intuition in our practice, in my case my coaching practice. As coaches we are supposed to be very aware of the scope of our “interventions” and in the case of most training I had, they mostly revolve around things we “do”. They are called tools or exercises, words that belong in the Doing World, not the Being World.
What Martijn does in this training is gently bring us back into the Being World, showing us how our intuition can be used in service of ourselves, our stance in relation to our clients and, if we feel confident enough to allow it, also in service of our clients.
Martijn is able to hold a space that is respectful but light with a very high level of trust. This mix allows for safe deep dives into subjects that are not usually discussed in coaching trainings. I highly recommend the programme and would do it again if I had the time!”

– Mariana Ipkendanz, coach, facilitator, and mediator, United Kingdom

Betül Akan

“I am 63 and still on my way to growing my freelance business after a long corporate business life. This training made my intention, vision, and steps I need to take more clear, more tangible, and more concrete by helping me to construct ‘my “bridges’. The Effortless Enterpreneurship training was led by Martijn whose work I deeply respect. Thanks Martijn, for your work and support. I not only recommend your training, but I also feel encouraged to lead a very similar version of your training in my language in my way, so your work can reach anyone who may benefit from it.”

– Betül Akan, business and family constellator, Turkey


Over 25 years of experience as a coach and consultant

Who Is Martijn Meima?

Since 1998 I have coached and consulted entrepreneurs and managers. With a major in management & organization, I have always looked at how to make businesses better. During my journey of developing my intuition, growing spiritually, and exploring different intuitive modalities, I found out that there is more that influences the success of a business than what I had learned at the university.

The undercurrent, the invisible, intangible layer in organizations, has so much influence, but we can’t get a grip on it. That’s why I have dedicated my time as an entrepreneur since 2007 developing ways of getting in touch with this undercurrent. Business constellations, visualizations, meditation, and energy work have given me a powerful way of tapping into this vast source of information.

In my trainings, I offer a practical and down-to-earth way of using the power of the undercurrent while keeping the magic and depth of these intuitive modalities. Participants like the lightness and humor I bring into the training. At the same time, they really appreciate the transformative space that I create and in which they can really grow on a deep level; personally and with their business.

What I hear from them is that I practice what I preach and allow everything to be. This creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.


  • 6 online modules of 3 hours

  • Recording of every module

  • Access to online library with all the resources

Dates and times

I have set tentative dates for the next group. The first 3 participants can suggest a change of dates and set the timeslot.

  1. Personal/intuition: October 26

  2. Surrendering: November 16

  3. Clients: December 7

  4. Money: January 25

  5. Time: February 22

  6. Taking Action:

The training is from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Amsterdam time, CE(S)T)
If this is not convenient for you because of your timezone, please contact me.

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Excl 21% VAT*
  • Normal price: € 750
    Next time the price will be € 660
  • 6 modules of 3 hours
  • Recording of every module
  • Access online library
  • * Excl. 21% VAT for EU participants without a valid EU VAT number
  • NOTE: If you have already followed this training, you can join for €200!
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