Recording of “Discover The Power Of Business Constellations”

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Business constellations are a modern, systemic method to create movement in organizations, teams, and people. The free energy and potential can be used to contribute to the purpose of the organization.
Business constellations are a method that you need to experience. Words are just not enough to describe the intensity, power, and impact of this cousin on family constellations. That is why I have given an online workshop in which I do a demo and

Who is this online workshop for?

This workshop is for managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, employees, and constellators, who:

  • Want to learn more about this powerful method;
  • Like to experience an online business constellation;
  • Want to do a Do-It-Yourself constellation


In the recording of the workshop you will:

  • learn more about business constellations;
  • business intuition expert Martijn Meima will tell more about the background of business constellations and the systemic theory that has been developed.
  • experience business constellations guided by Martijn for one of the participants. Martijn has also chosen a proven, do-it-yourself constellation format. This will give you the opportunity to apply this method to your own business.
  • get more insights during the Q&A

Who is Martijn Meima?

As the business intuition expert in Europe, Martijn combines his degree in Management & Organization with his experience and education in intuitive methods like business constellations. He loves exploring new ways of improving businesses and creating success.

His workshops are very experiential and down-to-earth. You will be invited to explore the deeper layers and hidden parts of your business and to include yourself as part of the solution. This way you will discover new ways of solving problems and accelerating your success, both personally and professionally.

Can this be done online?

Many people ask: “Can this intuitive method like business constellations be done online?”
The answer is: “Yes, it surely can!”

Martijn has been facilitating constellations since 2008 and online constellations for over more than 5 years. Since the COVID lock down the use of online constellations has exploded. Sometimes online business constellations even work better than in real life.
So experience it yourself!

How to get access?

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