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Frequently Asked QuestionsTraining Facilitating Business Constellations

What are business constellations?

Please check the special page on business constellations or organizational constellations to learn more about this powerful method.

What is the difference between family and business constellations?

Family constellations are focused on personal issues and look into your family system. Business or organizational constellations are focused on business questions and look into work related systems.
For family constellations the elements we work with are mostly father, mother and siblings. For business constellations we work with elements like the company, the potential client, different products or services, department X, function Y, marketing strategy 1,the purpose of the company, the client of the client, the history of the company, etc.

Do we only practice business constellations?

The focus of the training is on using constellations in a business environment. Depending on the wishes of the participants we will focus more on business constellations, career constellations, marketing constellations, self awareness constellations or family constellations.
Part of the training is also freeing yourself from old patterns and that is why we will also use family constellations.

From my experience I can say that there is no longer a strict line between business constellations and family constellations. There are all kinds of intermediate forms of constellations. We will work with what emerges from the group.

What kind of background do I need to register for the training?

The training is open to everyone. There are no mental skills needed, since you will learn by doing and by using your intuition. We assume that you have done some personal development work and that you are familiar with coaching or consulting. The focus of the training will be on learning the art of facilitating and a little bit on personal development.

What is Martijn like as a trainer?

Martijn Meima, business intuition, business constellationsYou can check the page with background information about myself. The following information gives you more background about me as a trainer:

In 2008, I was trained by a student of the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. Since then, I have been using business constellations almost on a daily basis and in 2013, I started to train the first group of facilitators.

My style is an intuitive one. I do not work with certain steps and protocols. I rather let the field show the way. This is also the new way Bert Hellinger approached constellations at the end of his life. I am very creative in using constellations. There is not a single format or approach I use all the time. As a trainer I combine energy, humor and lightness with tranquility, depth and authenticity. You will be encouraged to discover your own style. There is no one good way.

Participants like the lightness and humor in the training and at the same time the depth and major transformations that they go through. What I hear from them is that I practice what I preach and allow everything to be. This creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.

Do you follow Hellinger’s methodology?

Yes, the method I use is basically Bert Hellinger’s methodology. There are no rules for facilitating constellations. This has led to many different schools and movements within the constellation work. I have been trained by people from the Bert Hellinger approach and various others. I have developed my own style and that is what I encourage you to do too.

If there are so many ways to do it, how can I know this method works for me?

To find out if this training and my approach suits you, please have a look at this website, watch one of my webinars on business constellations or ask for a personal Skype call. My style is light, joyful and humorous and at the same time deepening, authentic and pure. I have a very intuitive approach and don’t focus too much on theory. For me the learning is in the doing. That is why you will start practicing from day one on. Most of all I advise you to follow your intuition for choosing the right training. You can do the exercise on my website that helps you to choose using a constellation work form.

What about certifications?

There is no certification process for facilitating constellations. Everyone can teach and learn it and everyone can facilitate constellations.
After the training you will get a certificate telling that you followed the training.

Would I be able to practice right away?

Yes, you will. Depending on how well you pick it up you will be able to facilitate simple constellations maybe first as a try out or you will be able to facilitate constellations as a paid facilitator. I have seen students do both.
During the training you will already practice a lot. After the training I will encourage you to practice more and after 8 weeks there will be a webinar in which you can ask all the questions you have about facilitation.

Do I need a supervisor to practice right from the beginning?

No you don’t. If you feel more comfortable with a supervisor, you can find one, but it is not obligatory.
I really recommend that you listen to your intuition finding your next steps in facilitating constellations. This is different for everyone.
During the training we can also focus on selling constellation and building the confidence to do it by yourself.

What are the training times?

The general training times are from 9 AM – 5 PM, but depending on the location and the wishes of the participants we can change this.