Experience The Power Of Business Constellations

Reveal The Hidden Potential In Your Business

This workshop is for all entrepreneurs and freelancers who:

  • experience an energy leak
  • want to create more impact
  • want more clients
  • don’t know what direction to go
  • want to experience a business constellation

During this Online Workshop Business Constellations we will explore the hidden dynamics and hidden potential in your business.

Powerful, Experiential And Down To Earth

Find Solutions With Business Constellations

For this workshop I have selected proven business constellation formats that will help you to find solutions, explore hidden dynamics and release the energy necessary to take the steps needed to improve your business.

We will work with individual constellations for 1 or 2 participants, group constellations and systemic insights. This way everyone will be able to experience a constellation and get the fitting insights for this moment.

Yes, It Can!

Can This Be Done Online?

Many people ask me if intuitive methods like business constellations can be done online. Well, it surely can. I have been facilitating online constellations for over 5 years and since the COVID lockdown the use of online constellations has exploded.
Sometimes online business constellations even work better than in real life.
So experience it yourself!

Over 10 Years of Experience, Humor, Depth

Who Is Martijn Meima?

As the business intuition expert in Europe I combine my degree in Management & Organization with my experience and education in intuitive methods like business constellations. I love exploring new ways of improving businesses and creating success.

My workshops are very experiential and down to earth. You will be invited to explore the deeper layers and hidden parts of your business and to include yourself as part of the solution. This way you will discover new ways of solving problems and accelerating your success, both personally and professionally.


You Will Get:

  • 3 Hour workshop
  • Online, using Zoom
  • Intuitive business insights
  • Energy to take the steps
  • Recording Of The Training
  • 1 Month Email Support

Date & Time

I have not set a date yet. If you are interested, please sign up. As soon as there are 5 people interested, I will set the date, taking your availability into account.
You don't have to pay if you can't make it on the set date.

The workshop will take 3 hours and we will use the Zoom platform. Depending on the time zone of the participants I will pick a suitable time slot for everyone.

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excl. 21% VAT*
  • Normal price €95
  • 3 Hour Workshop
  • Recording of the training
  • 1 Month email support
  • * Excl. 21% VAT for EU participants without valid VAT number
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