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Webinar the Art of Facilitating Business Constellations

By 02/08/2024February 14th, 2024business constellations

In this webinar, you will learn more about applying constellations in a business context. I will share my more than 15 years of experience with facilitating business constellations.

You will learn more about the systemic approach and the constellation process. You will find out where you can apply business constellations and what the benefits are.
I will share the inner stance and skills that make a good facilitator.
Then you will do a Do-It-Yourself constellation to find out the dynamics between you, your clients, and business constellations.
Finally, I will share more information about the trainings that I have planned:

Extra Bonuses

For all trainings I have a bonus:  Free recording of the workshop Discover the Power of Business Constellations, worth € 50.

For the in-person trainings, I also offer a special bonus for the first 10 sign ups. You will get access to 4 masterclasses covering topics “Healing Sentences”, “Fixed Format Constellations”, “The Empty Center”, and “The First Essential Steps”, worth € 240.

Use the code web02-bonus in your application form.


This is the recording of  the 1st webinar:

This is the recording of the 2nd webinar. It’s almost the same, but with a different do-it-yourself constellation. It starts with the explanation of the constellation.

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