Get more done in less time

Learn a different way of dealing with time

This workshop is for everyone who:

  • is tired of yet another timemanagement method
  • has problems with getting things done
  • is curious of new ways of approaching time
  • has too few hours in a day
  • want to surf the waves of time and enjoy it

During this Online Workshop Timesurfing, intuitive timemanagement you will learn a different way of looking at and working with time. You will create an inner shift about time and experience how to ‘manage’ time differently.

Experiential and mind shifting

Find out how you can surf the waves of time

During this workshop you will dive in the waves of time. What is time? How do you experience time? How can you 'manage' time?
We are all programmed to perceive time in a linear and single paced way. I will challenge these concepts and give you new ones that will help you to deal with time in a more supportive way. We will use powerful methods like constellations and visualisations to change the way you experience time on a deep level.
Insights and theory will be mixed with experiences and inner transformations. It will be mystic and practical, playful and deep, concrete and abstact all at the same time.
Are you ready to take the ride?

Yes, It Can!

Can This Be Done Online?

Even before the COVID pandemic, I gave online webinars and coaching. Since the pandemic and the use of Zoom, I have found out that trainings can very well be done online. Even the more intuitve methods I use, like constellations and visualisations, are very powerful when done online.
So experience it yourself!

Over 10 Years of Experience, Humor, Depth

Who Is Martijn Meima?

As the business intuition expert in Europe I combine my degree in Management & Organization with my experience and education in intuitive methods like business constellations. I love exploring new ways of improving businesses and creating success.

My workshops are very experiential and down to earth. You will be invited to explore the deeper layers and hidden parts of yourself and the way you do business and to include yourself as part of the solution. This way you will discover new ways of solving problems and accelerating your success, both personally and professionally.

Global Attendance Service

It should be possible for everyone to join. Besides offering suitable timezones, I offer a discount for people from countries with a lower GDP and/or in financial difficult situations. This is paid from the 5% fee that is included in every ticket.
If you want to use the Global Attendance Service, please contact me.


You Will Get:

  • 3 Hour workshop
  • Online, using Zoom
  • Intuitive business insights
  • Recording Of The Training
  • 1 Month Email Support

Date & Time

The next workshop will be given on
November 29th
from 12:00 - 3:00 PM
Amsterdam time (CET, UTC+1)

Your InvestmentNew workshop!


excl. 21% VAT*
  • 3 Hour Workshop
  • Recording of the training
  • Global Attendance Service
  • * Excl. 21% VAT for EU participants without valid VAT number
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