Pass for 8 masterclasses

 672.00 excl. VAT

What are the masterclasses?

About every 6 weeks, we organize an online masterclass in which you will improve your skills as a trainer, coach, or faciliator. They are all focused on including the subconscious undercurrent and how to work with that in groups and with individuals. Besides that we also offer masterclasses focused on developing yourself and opening your intuition and senses so you can have more impact.

On the webpage with all the masterclasses, you will find the current topics and the dates. We keep adding dates and topics.

How does this pass work?

You can sign up for a single masterclass, or buy a pass for 3 masterclasses or more and get some great discount!

This product is a pass for 8 masterclasses and is valid for 1.5 years.

This is how it works:


Pay for the pass

First, you pay for the pass by putting this product in your shopping basket and go to the checkout

Choose your masterclasses

If you already know which masterclasses to follow, sign up for them on the webpage with the masterclasses.
If you don't know yet, no worries. You can always sign up later for the masterclasses. We will also add new masterclasses, so you can wait for new topics that suit you best.

Follow your masterclasses

You will receive an email with the Zoom link for the masterclass. Using this Zoom link you can access the masterclass on the specific date and time. Make sure that you check the right time, especially regarding daylight saving time. All times are given in Amsterdam timezone.

Access online library

After the masterclass you will get access to the online library with the recording of the masterclass and extra material, depending on the masterclass.

10% Pilot discount

Because this is the first time for most of the masterclasses and the first time we offer this pass, we give a 10% pilot discount. The discount is already calculated for you.

How does it work with VAT

If you are from outside the EU, you will have to deal with your own tax office about the VAT.

If you are from within the EU, I can reverse charge the VAT if you have a valid EU VAT number. If not, I will have to charge a 21% Dutch VAT rate.

When paying for this pass, the VAT will automatically be calculated depending on your address and the VAT number that you enter. If you have to pay VAT, although you think you don’t, please contact me.